Colabo.Space is socio-technologically augmented prototype of the Collective Mind. The Collective Mind is both a concept and a hope. The hope is that a community, a society, or the humanity as a whole can naturally co-evolve and achieve a higher level of knowledge, coordination, decision- and action-making, and, ultimately, higher level of consciousness.

Co-evolution addresses a trans-domain, which spans over society, inter-relationships, as well as social, technical, democratic, geographical, racial, religious, psychological, scientific, artistic, and many other "domains"" or fields of inquiry.


Before discussing in greater details, WHAT the Colabo.Space is about, please look the (1min:21sec) science+art video explanation (produced for the National Television of Serbia), presenting one of our first events augmented with the ecosystem.

(Vimeo link to the video, more about the event: @ KnowledgeFederation, @ Tesla Congress)

Thanks for watching! So, the Colabo.Space ecosystem consists of a set of principles, socio-technical methodologies and online tools for supporting efficient collective collaboration. Among others aspects (spaces), it aims to provide the user with a knowledge space, together with an action space and a dialogical space, all coexisting in one ecosystem.

At the top level central role is a "moving" role between all "stakeholders" of humanity. We want to keep a continuous dialogue and exchange of values across humanity both in order to give a power of each stakeholder to contribute and change the world for better, but also to keep the momentum of sustainability and thrivability as shown on the following diagram:


However, humanity cannot be seen only as a harmonious whole. It is segregated either by needs, interests, missions, … we see it as a network of (knowledge) federating communities. In that sense is designed as an enabler of the collective mind, a bootstrapping solution which aim is to help communities (and, through it, the society more generally) to co-evolve as a socio-technical entity:


The context of our research is collectiveness and the ecosystem for collaboration - the Collective Mind. Therefore, aims to provide and support this aspect of practice both with additional specialized components (like the RIMA component), and by integrating the notions of interaction and collectiveness into every part of the system (for example, the knowledge space that provides "absolute", vs. "community" vs. "individual" truth values, etc). To make it possible we need to design a scalable system which is capable of adapting to and scaling from individual to community to federation of communities that would then coexist in a knowledge-working harmony.

Colabo.Space Ecosystem Aspects

There are three major "dimensions" of the ecosystem encompassing socio-technical nature of the ecosystem. The first dimension is a set principles that are presented in the Colabo manifesto, the second is a set of methodologies, and the last is a set of tools that are very often related to methodologies and help them be realized. We will first introduce methodologies as semiotically more important presenting WHAT, than tools presenting HOW of the collective mind implementation. Please note that, the Colabo manifesto is still not polished well and is not available for public yet.

Colabo.Space methodologies

Our search to understand the nature of human-machine coevolution directed us toward establishing a set of trans-domain methodologies that may either bridge the socio-technical gap or formalize and guide social processes in parallel with the technical part of the colabo ecosystem.

At the following diagram, we are presented the majority of methodologies we have proposed, designed or adopted (like city-game):


Colabo.Space tools

Colabo.Space tools represent mainly virtual tools that are realized in the scope of the or integrated as best solutions from external vendors or open-source solutions. Some tools (like creative cards), are purely physical tools and others (like CoLaboWare) are mix of physical and virtual tools.

Majority of the tools are at the service of methodologies — meaning that motivation and implementation of the tools are always coming from methodologies — either to realize them or to improve them or augment them or bridge them across social-technical, virtual-real-world, etc.

The following diagram shows building blocks, fundamental tools or infrastructural design paradigms that we have built or proposed as necessary for efficient functioning of our prototype of the collective mind - ecosystem.





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